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 Estimate Form

   PDF Version


Our estimate will be calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Cost of materials used

  • Total man hours of labor

  • Actual volume (truck space) of goods shipped

  • Weight of items shipped.

  • Distance between current address and new address

  • Traveling expenses when the move falls outside of commuting distance

For your convenience, you may download our Estimate Form, which you may fill at your own pace and then send to us. The file is a Microsoft Word document that should open with any supported version of Word.

Instructions on how to send the form to us are printed on the form itself.

If you cannot open this file, you have the choice of using the PDF file version, that should open easily if you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. This reader program is a free download, available from

Both files may be accessed by the hot-links under the Stagecoach logo, on this page's left sidebar.

You might find it easier to print out one of these files and use it as a working list. Once you've walked through your home and finished tallying everything, you can go back to the online version and fill it out. If you do, when you download it to your computer you'll have a record of the list of items you sent to us.


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