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     Is this your first move? Ask around and you'll learn that, for many people, the experience can be trying. To begin with, it is commonly accepted that every time you move you'll misplace something; but, at the same time, you'll often find something you've been missing since the last time you moved. Normally, you misplace many and find many too. So, depending on how you look at it, there is a silver lining to this grand inconvenience.

Part of the problem is that no one can pick up an entire roomful of things and transport them all, just as they are, and place them exactly into a different room.

In our mobile society, most people have been moving from place to place since childhood, not always enjoying good results. The Moving Tips page has some general advice. But there are other issues. If you're trading up, you aren't likely to have any space problems. The trouble starts when you've decided to reduce.

Here are some guidelines for the last case.

  • If you haven't used it for two years, you probably don't need it.

  • If you have two of the same, and you can't use a pair, keep the best one.

  • If you have something you can no longer use, reserve room for the things you can still enjoy.

  • Keep in mind that the idea is to make your life pleasant and fulfilling.

Ultimately, if you can live without something, you probably don't need it.

The Moving Supplies link at left will give you an idea of what packing materials cost. When you do your comparison shopping, ask to see what prices other movers charge for the same supplies. Our prices are pretty close to wholesale.

We earn our living from our work, not by making a huge profit on packing supplies.

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