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Useful Information - Moving Tips

  • Call Stagecoach, for your free in-home estimate. Be prepared with an inventory list of everything that is being moved. (Using the Estimate Form will help.)

  • Use the right boxes. This in an important part of protecting your valuables. Use only sturdy, reinforced cartons. Although you can get free boxes at the local supermarket, they won't be as strong or well padded as they need to be. Click on our Moving Supplies link at left for prices on boxes, tape, and packing materials. Our packing materials are priced lower than U-haul, and we offer free delivery on orders of $60.00 or more.

  • Pack your own things carefully. You must buffer and separate fragile objects with tissue paper, newspaper, or sheets. Fill in empty spaces to minimize movement during transit. Pack plates and glass items vertically for transit, rather than flat or stacked. Label your boxes carefully, so you'll know what you packed in them. Stagecoach offers professional packing services, just call us to get an idea of how we can make you move easier for you.

  • Disassemble furniture. Any furniture that needs to be disassembled to be moved must be prepared ahead of time. For example: Disconnect washers and dryers, take beds apart, knock down armoires, and so on.

  • You may leave clothing in dressers, but you need to remove all breakable and fragile items, packing them in boxes.

  • Empty desks and filing cabinets. Make sure all desks and filing cabinets are completely empty. Paper is extremely heavy, and its weight can damage your furniture in transit.

  • Change of Address forms at the post office. In addition, make arrangements to discontinue service and/or start up a new service for: Telephone, Cable, Electricity, Gas, and Water.

  • Protect your subscriptions. Write down your magazine subscription number for every subscription you want to keep. Do the same for your store accounts. Don't forget to update your credit card account. Most changes can be done electronically.

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